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At Cir-Tech, we have more than 20 years of experience with the circular economy. Our goal is to help manage the earth’s resources better, while giving our customers a better economy. Simply put, it is about keeping materials and products in the economic cycle and refining them to the highest possible value for the longest possible time.

We advise customers so that together we create a good solution to their challenges. For example, in agriculture, where the need for relocation of nutrients, production of designer manure and concentration of special phosphorus in connection with biogas has changed markedly in recent years. We help and advise on intelligent utilization of residual products and the circular economy in this area .

Cir-Tech A / S was founded in 2008 and has since undergone a rapid development. Our focus is on the sale of equipment for the separation of livestock manure and the processing of residual products in other sectors such as biogas and organic waste, just as other industries benefit greatly from our technologies. We specialize in developing solutions within circular technology , which is why we are called Cir-Tech .

The solution is only delivered when everything is running

When we deliver solutions – whether it is for agriculture, biogas plants or other industries – we take pride in following up, servicing and contributing our knowledge and know-how, until the task is solved. In all solutions, there may be technical challenges in start up and optimizing until everything is completely in place . We do not leave the task until it works.

Circular economy

What is circular economy

We are driven by a desire to better manage the earth’s resources . Our focus is on the sale of equipment for separation of livestock manure and processing of residual products in other sectors such as biogas and organic waste, where our solutions help you to a better economy , because we turn residual products into value-creating products by letting them be part of a new production.


We develop technological solutions that contribute to the circular economy

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